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Li'l Abner - (03) - If I Had My Druthers (Peter Palmer;Marc Breaux;Ralph Linn;Jack Matthew;Robert McClure;George Reeder) ( 3:34 )

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Li'l Abner
Album: Li'l Abner (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - (broadway, musicals) ( 2002 )
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Explore This CD Linda Eder
I Want More (Lestat) ( 4:14 )
Album: It's Time - Linda Eder - (broadway, musicals) ( 1997 )

Explore This CD Cabaret (movie)
Cabaret - (04) - Money Money (Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli) ( 3:04 )
Album: Cabaret (movie, Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey, Ralph Burns) ( 1972 )

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Explore This CD Smooth Jazz,etc. - Dean Martin
I'll Always Love You (Day After Day) ( 2:33 )
Album: Dean Martin - (smooth jazz, lounge) ( )

Explore This CD Oklahoma!
Oklahoma! - (11) - Poor Jud Is Dead (Rod Steiger & Gordon Macrae) ( 4:16 )
Album: Oklahoma! (Original 1955 Motion Picture Soundtrack) (musicals) ( 1943 )

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